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 Countertops Faq's

Does Genesis Concrete Concepts offer a warranty?
We provide a 2-year limited structural warranty. If the product fails to maintain functional structural integrity for its intended purpose, we will repair or replace it.

How do I care for my countertop?
We recommend using warm water and a mild dish soap, apply with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleansers or pads.

Do I have to wax or seal my countertop?
All of our products are sealed and do not require any additional sealing. Depending on which finish is chosen some concrete applications may require infrequent waxing which is easy to do. Upon installation, we will show you step by step how to care and maintain your beautiful countertop, and if waxing is required, you will receive a maintenance kit.

Can I cut on the countertop surface?
It is recommended that a cutting board be used, if not for the countertop then at least to protect your blade edge.

Are concrete countertop materials the same for both inside and outside?
Yes, concrete countertops have proven to be very resilient in both hot and cold climates.

How much does concrete weigh, and can it be installed on my existing cabinets?
Concrete's weight is comparable to other natural stone products like granite and marble, and yes we can install on your existing cabinets, and unlike some products we prefer not to use a subtop.

 Polished Concrete Floor Faq's

​Can any concrete floor be polished?
Concrete polishing was used more for commercial flooring than residential flooring, but is quickly becoming more popular in residential applications, as more homeowners realize the cost benefit and easy no-wax advantage of concrete polishing.

With the addition to the industry of polishable overlays 

virtually any floor no matter what the condition can be turned into a beautiful high-gloss polished floor.

Even 100 year old slabs can benefit from the durability and longevity of polishing.

Is polishing concrete messy?
Mechanical, dry grinding is a pretty clean process. A vacuum system is used with the grinder to contain 98% of the airborne particles. It also does not have the odor that is present from some coatings like epoxy or glues used in some other flooring applications.

Is polished concrete good for the environment?
Polished concrete is one of the most sustainable flooring options today.

Are concrete floors slippery?
Just because concrete floors are shiny doesn't mean they are slippery. Testing has shown that polished concrete meets or exceeds OSHA standards for slip resistance.

Is installing a concrete floor expensive?

​Polished concrete is the most cost effective flooring choice you can make. It's also the least costly to maintain.