Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart....
Colossians 3:23

At Genesis Concrete Concepts we offer 4 different finish levels: 

Level 2

​Low Sheen

​Level 4

Glossy Shine

​Level 1

​Matte Finish

Joint and Crack Filling

GCC can improve blemishes on the floor such as joint and crack problems using only the best products

Genesis Concrete Concepts also offers Concrete Repair and Restoration

There are numerous decorative options available today to create any vision a client may have in mind.

Surface Prep & Coating Removal

The best part about polished concrete is that underneath any coating or tile is a concrete floor that can be in most cases brought to the surface and be made to shine.

Polishable Concrete Overlays

Polishable overlays are a great option for creating a beautiful polished floor when the original floor needs extensive costly repairs or for a new project where a pristine floor is required

​Level 3

​High Sheen

Aggregate Levels:

​Depending on the existing floor conditions and budgetary considerations, there are three levels of aggregate choices for customers: Cream (a polish with little to no exposed rock),

Small Aggregate, or Large Aggregate.

Dyed Concrete Floors:

Unlike acid stains and topical dyes, GCC uses products that penetrate deep into the concrete to give the surface a rich color that will not fade with foot traffic .

Logos and Engraving Options:

GCC can engrave or dye your logo into your floor,

creating a one-of-a-kind look for your space.